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The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) has created the only pilates programme in the world that is fully designed and developed by physiotherapists.


The APPI's founders Glenn and Elisa Withers analysed and modified the original 34 Pilates matwork exercises to incorporate the most recent research on how we move and function in today’s world, factoring in our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. They reviewed all the evidence around low back pain, chronic injuries, muscle imbalance, movement adaptation and impairments, exercise physiology and much more to develop a Pilates program that was safe and effective for everyone.

The APPI Pilates Method is the culmination of years of both physiotherapy and Pilates training by the founders, and now the APPI Method is taught in over 22 countries worldwide, continuing to increase in popularity and gaining awards and recognition as an efficient and effective method of exercise rehabilitation. 

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