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Pilates is an exercise discipline that seeks to improve overall strength, mobility and body control with a focus on fine tuning and strengthening the deep core postural muscles. 


Think of your core as being like the foundations of a house - it needs to be strong to keep your body, particularly your spine, stable. The core stabilising muscles must function correctly so that the muscles responsible for movement are able to function properly.          


Everyone can benefit from having a stronger core or better posture. With our increasingly sedentary lifestyles with often large amounts of time spent sitting at desks, we as a population are experiencing more posture-related pain and imbalance in the body. People who suffer from back pain, other pain linked to poor posture or injuries have successfully used pilates as part of their rehabilitation. 

At the other end of the scale, pilates is also widely used by elite athletes to improve their control and efficiency of movement, prevent injury, and help increase their flexibility, balance and co-ordination. 

Find out why Pilates can be particularly beneficial for runners and postnatally.

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