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Having a baby has a significant impact on women both physically and mentally. Pilates can be a great tool to help with these changes. 


Pilates focuses on the core postural and stabilising muscles, rebuilding strength in the pelvic floor as well as helping to address diastasis recti. Months of growing your baby in your abdomen and now carrying an ever growing baby in your arms/on your hips can play havoc with your posture and strain the body. Pilates works to restore balance, strengthening weakened areas and encouraging correct alignment. It retrains your core abdominals to support the spine and pelvis and incorporates stretches to relieve tension.


Exercise also boosts our feel good hormone serotonin, and contrary to what people may think, actually helps to energise you and also improves the quality of your (now somewhat limited!) sleep.

Women who have had a natural birth are welcome six weeks following birth. Women who have had a caesarean section are welcome 12 weeks following birth. All attendees must have approval to start exercise from their GP. 

Please refer to our Terms and conditions before booking.

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